Best French Press Coffee Makers 2018 – Buyer´s Guide

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French Press is an equipment used for brewing coffee. It´s also called a coffee plunger, press pot, coffee press, cafeteria or cafeteria. It´s been popular with coffee aficionados for many decades, and they praise its many benefits and claim that the French press delivers the absolute best coffee and taste. One of the main advantages of using a french press is that you get more of the flavor from the coffee bean and the oil that comes from the bean. This happens because the coffee grounds are completely submerged

in boiling water, and the oils are not separated out which means the coffee tastes better than the coffee that comes from the paper filtered coffee makers. French presses are in most cases cheap, and they provide exceptional tasting coffee which is the cause for the popularity of this type of coffee maker. Nowadays the automatic coffee machines are popular because they are low-priced and convenient, but if you are looking for the product that will deliver the best-tasting coffee, then the French press is the best option for you.


Best French Press Coffee Makers 2018


French PressCarafeFilter QualityBest Feature 
Kona - Coffee, espresso and tea makerGlassGoodEasy To Clean Check Price
SterlingProGlassGoodDouble Screen Filtration Check Price
Bodum BrazilGlassGoodGreat Design Check Price
SterlingProStainless SteelGoodDouble Wall Construction Check Price
Bodum ChambordGlassGoodEasy To Clean Check Price
Kitchen Supreme French PressGlassGoodFour Filter Screen System Check Price
SecuraStainless SteelGoodDurability Check Price
LINKYOStainless SteelGoodDouble Filter System Check Price
RitualGlassGoodUnique Design Check Price
AeroPress Coffee and Espresso MakerGoodGreat Tasting Coffee Check Price
Bodum Travel MugTravelGoodGreat Price Check Price



Best French Press Coffee Makers 2018


How to use the French press coffee maker correctly

Unlike other coffee makers, you need to boil the water separately to make coffee because the French press has no steamer or heater included. To get the best-tasting coffee, it is recommended to buy whole coffee beans and grind them into coffee grounds yourself that way the coffee will be fresh and full of flavor.
Coarse grind coffee should be utilized with the French press so that the grounds won´t bypass the press filter and go into the coffee. The first step of the brewing method is to put the coffee inside the French press; the second step is to boil water for 1-2 minutes. The third step is to pour about 1/3 of the hot water into the French press and then lightly stir and wait for 20-35 seconds. The fourth step is to pour the remaining hot water into the French press put the lid on top and let it sit for 1-3 minutes. The last step is to press the plunger down slowly and evenly all the way down to the bottom to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid. It is then recommended to pour the coffee into a serving container or a thermos to prevent the coffee tasting bitter which can happen is the liquid and coffee grounds sit inside the french press for too long. Using other coffee makers to brew coffee is an entirely different process. A lot of people have automatic machines that brew coffee for them, and the only thing people must to do is pour water into the water tank and insert a coffee pod or coffee grounds and then press start.


The Cleaning Process

Cleaning the French press coffee maker is different from cleaning other coffee makers and machines. You have to wash the filter right away after pouring the coffee into a thermos or a cup to prevent the coffee grounds affecting the filter. You will have to dismantle the filter by unscrewing the handle to wash it thoroughly. The same goes for cleaning the steel pot.


1. Kona French Press – Coffee, espresso and tea maker

If you are currently looking for a coffee maker that has a modern design and will look good sitting on the kitchen table, then the Kona French Press is the ideal product for you. It has a glass carafe, and the glass is extra thick for heat resistance and also has a protective outer shield that prevents breakage. This product has a lid which is BPA-free, the handle is made from high-quality material, the filter is made of stainless steel and is detachable and easy to clean. The press plunger has a rubber knob which makes pushing the filter down easy for everybody. The internal components are made of stainless steel in this French press. This product produces great tasting coffee, espresso, and tea. The Kona French Press is sturdy and reliable. This product is reasonably priced, looks great and makes good coffee and overall an excellent French press coffee brew machine.

– Lightweight: This product is portable and so light which makes it easy to take it with you on camping trips.

-Added Protection: This French press is made of robust and durable materials and is also beautifully designed. The insulated shell that is made of plastic which covers the thick glass is excellent to hold even when it has hot coffee inside.

-Easy cleaning:It is easy to clean and wash this French press you can put it in the dishwasher or just rinse it under hot water.


– The filter could be a little bit better: The filter on this product is not bad, but if you are using the finest ground coffee some of it can seep into the coffee, but that is only because the little granules of the coffee bean get through the filter and mix with the coffee.

-The plunger could be a little bit more sturdy: With extensive use, the plunger can get a little bit wobbly, but that also happens with other similar products.

If you are looking for a French press coffee maker that not only produces great tasting coffee but also is designed beautifully and is durable then the Kona French Press is the product that will satisfy those needs. This product is additionally a great gift for coffee specialists and aficionados, and it´s low and appealing price tag makes it one of the most popular French press coffee makers in the market.


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2 – SterlingPro Coffee and Expresso Maker (34 oz, 1 liter)

The SterlingPro Coffee press is one of the most popular french presses in the market today; it offers high usability, durability and good value for money. The SterlingPro was one of the first to use a special double screen filtering system that makes sure that no grounds make it through the filter and into the coffee. That means you get no coffee grounds in your mouth which is a great benefit because we all know that it´s not pleasant to get coffee grounds into your mouth that unfortunately, it´s not uncommon when you use lower quality coffee presses. You don´t have to worry about that problem when you use the SterlingPro Coffee press. It has a great design and makes a great gift for a loved one. The carafe is made of borosilicate heat-resistant glass which is very thick and durable and will stand the test of time. The carafe has a chrome exterior and comes with a standard plunger, lid and a plastic handle that is black. One of the main advantages of this product is that the lid has a plastic lining that provides insulation so that you can press and pour easily when there´s hot coffee in the carafe. This product is easy to clean, and the carafe is dishwasher safe, and you can remove the metal frame

– Thick and durable glass with stainless steel rims.
– Easy to use and pour.
– Double screen filtration which removes all ground from your coffee, so the results is a smooth cup of coffee.
– Two extra replacement filters included when you purchase this product.

– Like with other similar products with extensive use, the plunger can get a little loose.


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3 – Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker (34 oz, 1 liter)

The Bodum Brazil is cheap and has a sturdy and durable borosilicate glass carafe. The base, lid, and plunger are all made from plastic. The design is intended to keep the coffee hot for longer and also be easy to use and clean. The plunger is made from stainless steel, and it has three parts and a mesh filter that helps extract the subtle flavors and aromatic oils from your coffee. The mesh filter enables all this flavor to get into your coffee cup and not being intercepted by a paper filter. The plastic lid on this french press prevents any splashing of hot coffee when you are pressing down the plunger.
One of the advantages of this french press is that every part of it is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it relatively easy for everyone. It´s also reasonably easy to assemble back together when you have finished cleaning it. This product combines low price with high usability. This also an excellent choice if you don´t want a stainless steel french press. Therefore if you are in the market and searching for a great product that combines low price with stylish design, then the Bodum Brazil 8 Cup French Press Coffeemaker is a great fit for you.


– This product has a low price and is ideal for those who are looking for a french coffee press in this price range.
– Thick and durable glass: This product is made from borosilicate glass which is widely recognized for being durable that´s why French press coffee makers use borosilicate glass.
– Great design: The glass carafe makes the product look stylish, and it looks great in any kitchen or office, not only is it beautifully designed it also makes a great cup of coffee.
– Easy to clean: All parts of this product is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it easy. Therefore it´s not necessary to spend a lot of time cleaning it just put it in the dishwasher after you use it and then reassemble back together when it´s clean and voila it´s ready to brew another fine cup of coffee.

– Heat retention: Like with many other glass french presses the heat retention is not as good as with stainless steel versions. But it should have enough heat retention for most people, but if you want something that keeps the coffee hot for a longer period, then you should buy a stainless steel coffee press.
– Durability: It´s a fact that glass french presses are not as durable in many cases as its stainless steel counterparts. Although the borosilicate glass is durable and strong, it can´t compete with the stainless steel

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4 – SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee Press Maker(34 oz, 1 liter)

When purchasing a French press, it´s important to pick a model that is durable, and SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press has a very loyal customer base because of its durability. This product uses a double screen filtering system which makes sure that no coffee grounds make it to your cup. One of the worst coffee experiences is when you get coffee grounds in your mouth that just ruins the enjoyment of drinking an excellent cup of coffee. This double filtering system works because the primary screen touches the wall more tightly and evenly. Meanwhile, the second screen is filtering the small coffee grounds which get through the primary screen. The plunger is solid and has a flat surface on top which makes it easy to press down. Also, the distance between the plunger and the lid is enough when pressing down, so you won´t burn your hands when you push it all the way down.

This product is a great gift for all coffee & tea lovers. The design of this french press is stylish; it has a mirror finish that looks great in any kitchen or at the office. This coffee press made from stainless steel so that it won´t rust, and it´s easy to clean, and it´s dishwasher safe

– Double wall construction keeps coffee or tea warm much longer, and the outside stays relatively cool when you touch it

– Double screen filtering system which makes sure you get amazingly smooth cups of coffee every time without coffee grounds seeping into your coffee.

– Two extra screens included when you purchase this product.

– Some user have said that it can be little tricky to separate the filter from the shaft when cleaning

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5 – Bodum Chambord Coffee Press (34 oz, 1 liter)

The Bodum Chambord coffee press has a steel frame also the lid is made from steel. The glass is thick and heat resistant that keeps the coffee warmer for a longer period. This product is easy to clean, including the filter. It´s important to maintain the filter and the glass clean to minimize the chances of oil from the coffee being retained in the filter and the surface of the glass. If the coffee press including the filter is not cleaned after every use, you can experience a bitter off-taste next time you brew yourself a cup of coffee so make sure to clean it after every use. This particular coffee maker is one of the best from Bodum, not just because it has a stylish design, but it´s also functional and produces a great cup of coffee.

It´s no secret that the French Press is one of the oldest methods of brewing coffee all around the world and still today many coffee aficionados still prefer using the coffee press over using a more modern automatic coffee machines. The reason behind that is that the quality and taste in many cases outperforms the more modern ways of brewing coffee. Therefore, if you are currently searching and in the market for a coffee maker that looks not only great in your kitchen or office but also makes great coffee then you should consider the Bodum Chambord French Press.


– Thick Glass: This product uses Borosilicate glass which is thick and durable. It also does not scratch easily.

– It´s Dishwasher safe: All components of this coffee maker are dishwasher safe that makes the cleanup process simple just rinse it under water and put in your dishwasher after you use it.

-3-part stainless steel mesh filter: the filter helps extract the right amount of aromatic oils and subtle flavors from the coffee grounds. The Spiral Plate keeps the filter mesh in the right place and makes sure that the water gets through but no coffee grounds get through. The Filter Plate and filter mesh is an essential component that separates the coffee grounds from the water after the brewing has finished. The Cross plate holds the mesh in the right place together with the spiral plate.

– Great Design: This product looks great in any kitchen or office. The original design is from the fifties. The plunger has a matte finish which is a great contrast to the glass and stainless steel frame.

– Durability: Like with other glass French presses they are not as durable in many cases as the products made from stainless steel.

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6 – Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle (34 oz, 1 liter)

When you buy this French press, you are purchasing a bundle of things included: the coffee maker, one unique spoon made from thick stainless steel, four filter screens, one coffee/tea scoop, instructions book and barista´s recipes. It comes with a five-year warranty. This product has a stainless steel plunger. This coffee maker uses heat-resistant borosilicate glass which is strong enough to tolerate high temperatures. The plunger plate is super compact and reliable, and all of the pieces are well connected. This french press is manufactured to last since it comes with a stainless steel frame. Also, the plunger and lid are made from stainless steel. Included in this bundle package are three replacement filter screens.

– Encapsulated lid that is made from double stainless steel: the high-quality plastic free lid that is built to withstand high temperatures and to keep your hands and knuckles protected when you press down. It´s thoroughly sealed with only a slight twist of the lid to catch the amazing fragrance of the coffee.

– Thermal Shock-resistant glass carafe: The glass carafe is made from very thick and durable glass.

– Four filter screen system: This french press coffee maker uses a four filter screen system for all types of coffee grounds which is great in separating coffee grounds from your coffee when brewing has finished. So no more will you have to experience getting coffee grounds in your mouth when you drink a cup of coffee.

-Price: Since you are buying a bundle with a lot of things included the price is a little bit higher. If this fits your budget, then you should take a look at this product bundle.

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7 – Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker (34 oz, 1 liter)

Secura is one of the best stainless steel french press coffee makers for those who are looking for a high-quality product. This french press has a great design and will always look stylish, and the reason for that is because it´s made with triple layered stainless steel. Therefore, this product can last for a very long time. Both the inside and outside of this product is made from stainless steel. The stainless steel filter which is three layered is great at capturing the tiniest amounts of coffee grounds to produce an outstanding flavor profile. When you purchase the Secura French press coffee maker, you get an additional stainless steel screen included. It´s straightforward to disassemble and clean the filter screen. One of the main advantages of this product is that it comes with an excellent touch handle and knob which stays relatively cool for safe and easy pouring.

– Durability: The stainless steel structure is three layered which makes this product very durable.

– Brand recognition: People know this brand and that it stands for quality.

– Easy to clean: This product is relatively easy to clean.

– Lightweight and easy to travel with: This product is surprisingly lightweight and portable.

– Grand Design: The Secura stainless steel french press has a fantastic design and will awesome in your kitchen or your office. Therefore if you are looking for and in the market for a french press that is highly functional and has a beautiful design, then you should take a closer look at this product.


– Heat retention: Some user have reported that this stainless steel French press does not keep coffee warm for more than an hour despite the carafe being made from triple-layered stainless steel. But in most cases, it will still maintain the coffee warm for a longer time than the glass carafe french presses.
– Like with other French presses made from stainless steel you can´t see the coffee level inside the press.

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8 – LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker (34 oz, 1 liter)

This solid stainless steel french press from LINKYO eliminates the risk of cracks or breakage because it´s robust and durable. This coffee maker comes with a 2-year no-hassle warranty, and also there is a step by step instructions included when you buy this french press. Also, there are two replacement filters included when you purchase this product.

– Heat retention: This coffee maker has got double walls that are insulated that keep your coffee hot for a longer time while the outside stays cool.

-Double filters: The LINKYO French Press uses a double mesh filter system that reduces the amount of sediment and coffee grounds in your coffee significantly. The multi screen filter system does an excellent job of keeping coffee grounds from leaking through the filter and into your coffee when you press the plunger down.

-Easy to clean: All parts are dishwasher safe which makes this product easy to clean and maintain.

-Like with other similar stainless steel french presses you can´t see the amount of coffee on the inside since it´s not made from glass.
– Design: like with other stainless steel french presses to some people they are not as stylish as their glass carafe counterparts.

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9 – Ritual French Coffee Press (36 oz, 1 liter)

The Ritual French Coffee Press has a unique design it has a stainless steel structure that is solid. The lid and handle are made from sustainable bamboo. The design of this product minimizes the chance of it rusting.


-Solid Glass: This French press is made from thick glass that is durable and professional grade.

-Beautiful Design: This coffee maker is stylish and fits well into any kitchen or office.

-Lifetime Guarantee: This product comes with a fantastic lifetime warranty.

-Precision Filter: This French press uses a precision filter to make sure that no coffee grounds make it to your cup and that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee.

-Durability: Like with other glass carafe French presses they are not as durable as the coffee makers made from stainless steel.

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10 – AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

This product is unlike the other mentioned here before; this is a new kind of coffee press. This Expresso maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce great tasting coffee that has a rich flavor profile. The coffee that the Aeropress produces is micro filtered, so it´s particle free and pure.

-Great Taste: The AeroPress uses the ideal water temperature also it utilizes gentle air pressure to produce espresso and coffee that has a great taste, no bitterness and lower acidity. It only takes the AeroPress about a minute to produce 1-4 cups of espresso or American style coffee.

How to brew a 10-ounce coffee or double expresso with the AeroPress
– Start by placing a microfilter in the bottom cap of the chamber and twist the cap, so it´s tightly closed.
– Put two scoops of finely ground coffee into the chamber.
– Place the chamber on a mug that is sturdy, then pour hot water into the chamber the water should not be boiling however it should be very hot.
– Next, you should stir the water and coffee for approximately 10 seconds.
– Next step is to insert the plunger into the chamber and press down gently quarter of an inch and maintain that gentle pressure for 20-30 seconds.

Voila, now you have a double espresso that is delicious.

– For some people, it´s not as easy to use this product compared to the standard French press coffee maker.

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Best Travel Mug French Press

Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press (15 oz, 0.443 Liter)

It´s not convenient to travel with big traditional French presses. That´s why Bodum and other companies have designed unique travel mug french presses that are ideal to take camping and on vacation. It´s simple to brew and produce great tasting coffee and tea and also drink from the same container. The process is easy and takes a little time just add ground coffee and hot water into the container and then seal the lid for a fantastic cup of coffee. This travel press is ideal for all coffee lovers to take on a vacation to be able to enjoy their daily fix of exceptional tasting coffee or tea on the go.

-Stainless Steel: This travel french press has a double wall construction and is vacuum-sealed and made from stainless steel so it should keep your drink hot or cold for a long time.

-Beautiful Design: It´s no secret that this travel mug French press looks great it also has a spill resistant lid, built in plunger and non-slip grip, so it´s straightforward to travel with.

-Easy Cleaning: This travel mug holds about 15 oz of coffee or tea and is great to take on the go with you. Also, it´s dishwasher safe, so it´s easy to clean after you have finished brewing great tasting coffee or tea.


-Some users have said that the press stops an inch or two from the bottom, so some coffee is trapped below it.

Best French Press Coffee Maker

It´s difficult to answer this because all of the French presses mentioned above are great and all have good qualities. It also depends if people are searching for a stainless steel French press or a more traditional glass carafe French press. The best French press overall has to be the Kona French Press – Coffee, espresso, and tea maker. It has the most reviews on Amazon, it offers great value for money and is reasonably priced. It has a beautiful design and is made from thick heat-resistant glass that is durable. It´s easy to clean and maintain and is lightweight. The lid is BPA-free, and the handle is made from high-quality material. The filter is easy to detach and clean, and it´s made from stainless steel. The plunger has a rubber knob which makes pressing down easy for everyone. It also brews and produces great tasting coffee and tea.


Best Cheap French Press

On our list, the Bodum Brazil is the cheapest French press coffee maker. It offers great value for money and is made from durable materials. Here are several reasons why you should take a look at this product if you are looking for a cheap french press coffee machine.
– It brews and produces great tasting coffee.
– It has a beautiful design because of aesthetic matters for many people, so it looks great.
– Bodum is a big brand in this market that most people recognize and have a reputation of producing great long lasting products.
– The Bodum Brazil is a great gift, and any coffee lover will be happy to get this French press as a present.